30 Aug 2009

When shopping lets you down

So today me and my lovely friend decided to go for a shopping spree.
Well tell you what: we've gone through so many stores, and I've tried lots of clothes, but every single thing didn't fit me good. Not that I have an extraodinary body or something... I just don't get it, you know? How come that NOTHING fits right? Who are these clothes made for I wonder??
And one more thing. I know that I live not in Europe, but in Russia and maybe not in Moscow, but still in one of the most populated city in my country. So question: why we don't get here what some international brands present? Seriously? Because I checked and double checked everything in several stores - and nothing from fall/winter collections I saw in the Internet was in stores.
So to summarize: I was disappointed. Not so many interesting things available and nothing I could pick even fits. Even a pizza bite didn't cheer me up good enough. Hope I can recover until the next weekend.

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