29 Sep 2009

Fall 2009: Best Runway Looks (Part 3: C)

Calvin Klein

To be honest I am getting tired of Francisco Costa different-but-the-same style every season... Here we go again with asymmetrical sewing, unexpected forms and weird shoes. I managed to pick something I could possibly wear somewhere like a party though.

Carlos Miele

I so love this looks by Carlos Miele, they are so elegant, so feminine.
I like the fur coat a lot, though I'm not a huge fan of fur as I've mentioned before. I like one sleeve dress, it's a trend this fall. All looks are gorgeous.

Carolina Herrera

Really liked the muted dark colours here at Caroling Herrera. My picks are more ready-towear, no evening gowns this time. But these are so chic!


Oh, and finally Chanel :) It is my BIG love, so I couldn't resist and picked 6 looks :)
I love the mint nail polish, it's so fresh, it'm gonna have it :) Mint colour is so good for the suit too :) Love sequins and the last skirt.
Well mainly these looks are typically "Chanel", classic.


Soft looks at Chloé. Usually I'm not a fan of velvet, but it looks very good here.

Christian Dior

At Christian Dior John Galliano went a little east bringing us signature hats, make-up and the craziest shoes (as always). The coats are a-ma-zing, I'm totally in love. Dresses are gorgeous, not for winter in Siberia though, but who the hell cares? :)

Christian Lacroix

Surprisingly I liked several pieces from Lacroix collection this season - usually I don't feel for them. I love the stockings a lot here, and the shapes of clothes are just very right and elegant. Not 'too much', as it is usually.

Collette Dinnigan

This collection by Collette Dinnigan was very calm and dark. Nothing actually stood out, but this are just good clothes to wear.

27 Sep 2009

Fall 2009: Best Runway Looks (Part 2: B)

Tonight I'm giving you designers on "B"


Very gentle, parisian collection. I liked the wraps and fabric gatherings, so soft and feminine.

Okay ladies and gentlemen, here come one of the most wanted collection of the season :)
These looks are freaking hot I must say!


I like the colours, prints and fabrics of these dresses.
They don't look like an ordinary fall outfits, still very appropriate.

BCBG Max Azria

I am completely in love with those dresses!
And, my God, how do they manage to make golden\metallic tights to look not tacky at all?! Love that too.
And the skirt + jacket suit is also fabulous.

Betsey Johnson

Funky crazy style as always at Betsey Johnson!
I think these looks can only be considered for some theme party, but that's me :)


Wow, I totally fell in love with those jewels! The middle look (black mini dress) is my fave here. Stunning.

Bottega Veneta

Tomas Maier is really good at making very elegant dresses. But what caught my eye was the backs of those dresses - here you can see the most jaw-dropping one. Oh, what a dress, I'd love to have it.

Brian Reyes

I like the hairstyle here a lot. Looks are simple and chic.

Burberry Prorsum

Awww, Burberry is one of my favourites!
Christopher Bailey has his very own personal style and I am not tired of it yet, so I was very pleased with this collection. The coats and trenches were awesome and I absolutely want a neck-wrap piece!

22 Sep 2009

Fashion show by Deon Balaganskiy

Yesterday night I went out to watch the fashion show by one of the young Siberian designers named Deon Balaganskiy.
It was centered around the bags that this young man makes. Well what can I say? Sadly it lacked the right organization of the show, and it was too obvious for me. I don't even want to imagine how that guy felt, because obviously things went wrong. And the other thing I've figured: if you want to present a collection of handbags you better organize a show-room at some store or a cute coctail party rather than a full show, because in the case that I suggest the object will be shown better and the result of the show will be better as well (because the whole point was to sell those bags after the show, but you know when the model moves around fast it's quite hard to see what she's holding especially if the bag is a clutch).
I'll try to get some pictures to upload them later.

16 Sep 2009

Fall 2009: Best Runway Looks (Part 1: A)

My choice of best runway looks for Fall 2009
Today I'm giving you designers on "A", and I will continue my list later in alphabetical order.

3.1 Phillip Lim

We see dandy style at Phillip Lim.
I love how the colour of the tights matches each outfit and I absolutely love the dresses, fabric is great.
I also really like the idea of shorts + tights, I'd wear it. The suit is really chic.


At Abaeté we have some nice looks.
I really like the skirt from the 1st look, the belted dress + jacket from the 2nd look, 3rd mini-dress is hot + the tights have a perfect colour and the lenght is rught, and the 4th look is good for work.


Nice coats at ADAM and a casual day-look for an early autumn (far right)


More than others I liked black pieces from Akris collection. The 2nd dress is just jaw-dropping! Really liked perforated elements. Skirt + jacket is stylish for work, I like it.

Alberta Ferretti

This Alberta Ferretti collection was quite an assortie - different colors, cuts, forms, fabrics. And these are my picks: a pretty classic coat, 2nd look is a mix of day-wear and evening-wear,and the 3rd dress is perfect for a party, a belt might do though.

Alessandro Dell'Acqua

What I like about Alessandro Dell'Acqua is that he's not on one boat with those who go for "big trends": he makes his own trends. No pointed shoulders, no hight boots, but so stylish and hot.
These are my choices.

Alexander Wang

More than other pieces I liked these asymmetrical dresses at Wang.
The rest of collection pretty much consists of a short knee-lenght pants, which is not really my cup of tea.

Alexandre Herchcovitch

Interesting looks.


Very gentle collection

Andrew Gn

Nice looks, good coats. Evening dress- wow, those net motives are so sexy here!

Antonio Berardi

I like these shoulders. And boots, not grey but black though.


Nice look. I really like the idea you can see on the 3rd look - a tulle top over a sweater. Looks really interesting!

Aquilano. Rimondi

I liked all the different types of shoulders Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi showed us at their show. These are the nicest looks. First two can be a daily wear and 3rd and 4th are definitely an evening wear.


These looks by Azzaro are kinda daywear, but at the same time not so daywear. I actually tend to think that they would be more appropriate in the evening. Nice looks, not breath-taking, but nice.

6 Sep 2009

Hello, September

This is how my autumn started

2 Sep 2009

Fashion Night Out in Moscow

At 10th of September in Moscow will be held the notorious "Fashion Night Out" - an event organized by Vogue magazine all over the world to support the fashion industry. I'd love to be there and witness what it would be like, but I won't be there, so I'd really appreciate if I can get some comments afterwards about this event. I don't expect something fantastic though. But still it would be interesting to know :)