29 Jan 2010

Resort 2010 (Part 3: C)

Calvin Klein
Very light, flawless collection. Very clean, I would say. I like the fabrics, I feel hot summer from these looks.

Chado Ralph Rucci
This brand is new to me. Such a great cute dresses! Love the volume of the skirts in 1st and 3rd dresses and like all the colors here.


This collection was shown in Venice and was called "Coco on the Lido" (Mademoiselle Chanel used to visit Venice for nearly 10 years starting in 1919). We see the classic for Chanel sailor theme here, a perfect suit and several gorgeous evening dresses. The hair & make-up might be a little too extravagant and a bit distracting, but all together they form a complete look, very thirties. Love it.

We see some sailor theme here at Chloé too - I think it is a universal thing any designer can use in his cruise collection. About the 2nd look with the jumpsuit - can't explain why, but I like it :) And I love the 3rd dress - though it might be a jumpsuit as well (the pants are so wide I can hardly tell if they are pants or skirt), that would be even more interesting.

Christian Dior
Classic Dior looks + crazy hair = funny, but classy and elegant :)

Collette Dinnigan
Mmm, a burst of color :) Nice shapes and fabrics + interesting details.

Costume National
Well this is purely a daywear - nearly anywhere and everywhere you can dressed up like this.

28 Jan 2010

Chanel & Givenchy Haute Couture Spring 2010

Couture week is in a full swing right now and on Tuesday we had gorgeous shows by Chanel and Givenchy. Oh my goodness! A-MA-ZING!
You know, Karl Lagerfeld once told Valentino: "Compared to us, everyone is making rugs" and - most of the time - he is right (not always of course). But he indeed is very talented and has an amazing sence of time and what will be good now. Somehow Karl manages to create this "new classic" as I call it. And it really is new, fresh but still classic look. Marvelous.

At Givenchy Riccardo Tisci stayed true to his dark and gothical mood and created woman who looked like a dark princess. "I was scared of couture at the beginning, and reacted by staying away from looking at the past at all," he confessed before the show. "But now I'm more confident, I started looking into the archive, and found the idea of this strong, erotic phase of Parisian women I related to."
I loved it, in motion it is magical. But a bit dark and sexy magic, you know.

27 Jan 2010

Hermès Spring 2010 campaign

Today we have an amazing ad campaign for Hermès by Paolo Roversi. I personally am always charmed by Hermès' ads and this one is no exception. The model is Karlie Kloss and she seems to fit the mood of the shoot perfectly.
See it yourself:

26 Jan 2010

Haute Couture Spring 2010

Yesterday the week of Haute Couture shows started in Paris. And in started with the Christian Dior show by John Galliano. What can I say? Outstanding, as always. A bit complicated, but wonderful.
The inspiration for John was Charles James' gowns: "I was reading that, actually, it was Charles James who influenced Monsieur Dior to come up with the New Look," he said. "And then I was looking at a photo of Charles James doing a fitting—and on the wall behind him was a picture of women riding sidesaddle. And that was it!"
So obviously the collection is full of "riding" ensembles (of course, noone in the right mind will ever ride a horse in a Dior couture gown nowadays. Or maybe...) and monumental evening gows.
I've picked the most interesting for you, take a look:

25 Jan 2010

Resort 2010 (Part 2: B)

Badgley Mischka

You can always rely on the duet of Mark Badgley and James Mischka if you need an evening gown. Nice fabrics and sexy looks.


I absolutely love these looks by Balenciaga. They are not too freaky not too weird, just really cool and wearable looks I'd love to have.

Basso & Brooke

Interesting prints with vivid colors - perfect for spring, so yummy :)

BCBG Max Azria

I like these dresses, they look really soft and sexy. But I am quite annoyed by the model's face.

Bottega Veneta

Finally some colors at Bottega Veneta! I've been waiting for them for so long. The idea with rolling up the pants isn't really my cup of tea and I think too few women can actually wear pants like that and not look ridiculous (the picture is not here because I don't like it). But I like the red stripped pant suit - very stylish. And dresses are flawless.

Burberry Prorsum

The clothes is really really nice and seems to be very comfy. But again - the model. OMG. I mean, I like skinny girls, but that is waaaay too much. Just simply a stick, really. No offenses, but I am positive this particular girl should gain a couple of pounds.

21 Jan 2010

Valentino: The Last Emperor

Yesterday I watched the movie about Valentino Garavani, that was made during 2007. I cried. I do not have enough words to express what I feel about Valentino, the best I can come up with is that he is an icon, he is THE best in what he is doing, he is the real couturier and - most likely - the last real one. I have always admired his works, his creations, his masterpieces, I would even say. I am positive you should watch this movie, it so much deserves to be watched. I miss his works enourmously and I really hope that Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli will be able to do the great brand justice.


20 Jan 2010

Prada Spring 2010 campaign

Steven Misel shoot the advertising campaing for the upcoming season for Prada, featuring a young model Rasa Zukauskaite. Well pictures have quite a special spirit, I am still not decided whether I like them or not so much.. But they are interesting, and the shoes - just OMG gorgeous!

19 Jan 2010

Resort 2010 (Part 1: A)

There could be no best time to go on a little vacation then in mid-January or in February - just to escape the crazy cold of the two remaining winter months and make spring come a little bit faster. Specially for this designers from all over the world created for us Resort collections - so that we could easily pick up the necessities we might need for sunbathing or sitting in the cafe in Alpes drinking hot chocolate (you can find something for that too).
But even if you are too busy and can't go on a vacation right now (which is totally understandable - new year, so many new and urgent things to do), you can still look at the beautiful clothes and looks I am about to show you and start dreaming about Spring. And who can say no to our sweet little dreams? :)
So I am happily giving you the best looks for you winter break or a good food for thought about Spring :)

3.1 Phillip Lim

I like the shapes of the skirts, the fabrics, the colors and the lightness all the looks have. Perfect for spring.


I like the embellishments on the tops + the necklace and the sporty vibe from the clothes is nice. My favorite look here is the last - the one with the long yellow skirt.


LOVE the suits! Those sleeves are so yummy :) The first look is perfect for a hot day in the office, love it. The dress is very nice, I am curious about the print, it must look like fire when in motion.

Alberta Ferretti

This collection is more for those of us who had to stay in the city and work - nice comfortable looks for office (1,2) or a cocktail with friends in the evening (3,5). The 4th dress is divine, someone should wear it to the red carpet!

Alexander McQueen

I really like the colors here, especially I like the 2nd look - blue&white dress and blue boots - stunning! Geometric cuts and printed leggings are interesting and risky to wear, would you dare? :)

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang's girl is not cool - she's super cool. Sometimes it even looks as if she doesn't give a sh*t on what people might think about her look. At all. Well most of the time I can't blame her - his clothes is good and gives you a big choice. These 6 looks were the best for me.

Antonio Berardi

From Antonio's collection I liked the sculptured black dresses, the 1st look is just perfect (love the leather jacket!), and the various sets of short dresses (love the shape, how it hugs around the hips) with scarves (for me scarves here are pretty optional, I think dresses will look fine without them too).

18 Jan 2010

Golden Globe 2010

Yesterday night in Beverly Hills (California) was held the ceremony of Golden Globe 2010. The red carpet was full of celebrities sparkling and shining and looking fantastic. Well, to my mind not too many of them looked that fantastic, but still there were several ladies I was quiete impressed by. In the pictures below I will show you who were best last night and I am looking forward to hear your oppinion!

But first, here are just the most important nominies (and the winners, of course):
Best movie - "Avatar" by James Cameron
Best director - James Cameron for "Avatar"
Best comedy/musical - "The Hangover"
Best drama actor - Jeff Bridges in "Crazy Heart"
Best drama actress - Sandra Bullock in "The Blind Side"'
Best comedy actress - Meryl Streep in "Julie & Julia"
Best comedy actor - Robert Downey Jr. in "Sherlock Holmes"
Best animated feature film - "Up"