30 Dec 2009

Okay ladies and gentlemen,

Here comes the time when everyone is summarizes the year that is almost over. I'd like to say that for me it's been a year full of experiences and changes, and I would like to thank all of you for joining me in this incredible adventure called Fashion. Thank you for your comments, your presence, your interest - it is unbelievably pleasant and motivating for me! Hope to see you in the New Year here, at Live Fashion :)
I have my New Year present for you, but you will have to wait to open it until the clock tell twelve ;)

Thank you guys once again ad see you in the NEW YEAR! :)


Fall 2009: Best Runway Looks (Part 21: Y & Z)

Yves Saint Laurent

If you've watched "The September Issue" you know that Stefano Pilati feels for colors in Spring, so here we have a black (and sometimes white or grey) collection for Fall. Not the most cheerful colors, but still beautiful clothes.

Zac Posen

It is always interesting for me to look at what Zac is doing because it is always something different from everybody else, even different from himself, but still it is stylish and beautiful. This collection seemed to be quite theatrical for me and curious to watch.

19 Dec 2009

Fall 2009: Best Runway Looks (Part 20: V)


I miss Mr. Valentino, I can't help it... He was and is one of my favorite designers of all times and I greatly miss his incredible fashion creations. However, the duo of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli made quite good ready-to-wear collection (they couture collection was marvelous). I've picked several looks as the best for me. Coats are just great. I must say that I like this team of designers better than Alessandra Facchinetti, who was the first to replace Valentino after he left his place.


I loved so many looks from Versace! The blue-ish dresses are the best!

Victoria Beckham

I must admit I liked Victoria's first collection better than this one. But we have several good dresses here too.

Viktor & Rolf

Viktor and Rolf are a very creative duet and personally for me their creations are not always really wearable,  but still they are very interesting to look at. And I've picked a good coat and an interesting party dress from Fall collection.

18 Dec 2009

Fall 2009: Best Runway Looks (Part 19: T)

Temperley London

I've sensed East in this collection by  Alice Temperley - several looks reminded me of an origami maybe or something form India (like harem pants). I am not a big fan of it though, so I've chosen these quite neutral looks. They have a bit agressive shapes and I like it - that clothes give you a certain mood as you put it on.


I am so pleased to see how good asian designers are at making dresses! Both day and evening wear - they cut them so accurate - they always fit right and hug you in the right places. Thakoon is one of the youngest, but he has a great potential and I am looking forward for more of his creations.


This brand is new to me and what I like about it is its freshness and youth, the simplicity they make their clothes with - you don't need to over think about how to wear this dress or that jacket - you just put it on and go and feel comfortable.

Tommy Hilfiger

For me Tommy Hilfiger is a truly american brand, it is some sort of synonims for me - Tommy and the States. I like what hi is doing - it is a clothes of a very good quality and great fabrics.

Tory Burch

I am falling in love with Tory more and more. She has this certain something in her style that just clicks with mine. About these looks: I really like the 1st dress, I think the print is great; I love the fur vest in the 2nd look and how it is paired with the skirt; I like the interesting detail of the 3rd dress - this block on the front of the dress that usually is at the back of the coats; I like the color and the shape of the 4th dress + those little gloves look good here (you know there always is a problem with these little gloves - they can look tacky so easily, but here they fit very good); and the 5th dress is a gorgeous gown for the night.


This collection was different from many others - it didn't follow the main trends that much, but still it was interesting to watch. About the looks: I think that everyone should have a classic black jacket they can wear everywhere, but then - when you have one - it is good to have an interesting, not that simple one (like the 1st one here); I like the combination of the knitted cardigan and a fur wrap on the 2nd look; 3rd dress has an interesting eye-catching print; 4th is very girlish and good for a party; and 5th has this amazing rosette detail on the bodice which I simply adore.

Fall 2009: Best Runway Looks (Part 18: S)

Salvatore Ferragamo

That collection by Cristina Ortiz was very elegant and sort of old Hollywood, and I really enjoyed it. I like the shapes and the drapings and the fur sleeves and most of all the color of the last dress - fabulous!

Sonia Rykiel

Cheerful as always at Sonia Rykiel. Interesting idea of big ruffles on the coat and jacket. And very funky sparkling jumpsuit.

Sophia Kokosalaki

Seems to be a lot of rock-inspired looks this season. These manage to be feminine at the same time.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney was one of my most favourite show this season. I love each look here, they are super-cool, great jackets.

A-ma-zing dresses!

16 Dec 2009

Fall 2009: Best Runway Looks (Part 17: R)

Ralph Lauren

Divine suits from Ralph Lauren

Flawless dresses, exquisite!


Interesting dresses, this designer is new to me, but I'll keep an eye on him.

Richard Nicoll

What an interesing mix of daywear and lingerie, don't you think? This whole collection was full of clothes with lingerie elements. Sometimes it was a bit odd, but some looks (like the above) are quite nice.

Roberto Cavalli

This was a dark and rock collection by Roberto Cavalli. I don't like too much black and I don't fully get the idea of layered multiple skirts, but I think it was interesting.

Roland Mouret

When I watched the show I've found a lot more interesting dresses by RM than everyone is wearing. My most favourite is the pale violet (3rd one), in so gorgeous.

8 Dec 2009

Fall 2009: Best Runway Looks (Part 16: P)

Peter Som

I like the sophistication of Peter Som's clothes, it tends to be classy, but still isn't boring - a perfect balance.


Nordic, darker looks here at Phi. Cant' say I liked the whole collection, but these looks are interesting and wearable.


There were some horrible boots and shoes at Prada this season - honestly, sometimes I think that some designers are simply kidding us - I mean how on earth can you wear that mess?
But then again, there were several interesting fresh ideas, which I am showing here.


Such a sexy dresses! Love them, simply adore the cuts.

Pringle of Scotland

The first part of the show was full of very cosy and comfortable clothes, whereas the second part showed some evening wear. You can see my favorite looks here.