28 May 2010

Yet another fashion week

Tonight I am leaving for Krasnoyarsk, we are going to show Olga Buzytskaya's collection "КЛУБника" on their Siberian Fashion Weekend, so if you are from this city, you should come, I'm sure it's going to be an interesting show + there are about 4 designers beside us showing.
I'll give you the review later on :)

19 May 2010

By the way

I have totally forgot to share my thought on Vogue Russia May 2010, so here they are now.
I don't know if Aliona Doletskaya reads my blog (world is full of surprises, you know) or someone else from Conde Nast does, or maybe I was not the only one who was pissed off by "God-save-Amreica" February issue, but exactly 3 months after my open letter to Ms. Doletskaya (read here: http://alena-fashion.blogspot.com/2010/02/vogue-russia-february-2010.html) I buy Vogue Russia again and what I see? An issue based on Russian designers, artists, models, buyers, even pharmaceuticals! Isn't this marvelous? I guess it wasn't that hard to make a good issue about your home country, to promote your home country designers and to help our struggling fashion business to make to the next step. 
Thank you, you almost made me cry! No joke.

16 May 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier on Kazanskiy railway station

As I've been out of the town since Friday night until Saturday evening and had no time to watch TV, I have missed the huge fashion event that took place in Moscow - Mr. Jean Paul Gaultier showed his couture collection on Kazanskiy railway station! When I first heard about it I was like "Are you kidding?!" and then I couldn't speak for a couple seconds when I saw video and photos from the event.
Regardless how Jean Paul ended up showing his couture collection on Moscow's ailway station, it is a huge deal for our country's fashion industry. I wish I was there to witness this incredible show!
Anyways, here are just a few pictures from the press conference and the show:
Who knew Kazanskiy was so beautiful? :)

What is so spectacular is that Mr. Gaultier has collected his creations from 5 past years for this show, and all together they sort of represented different stories and eras:
He is a true couture designer, even his ready-to-wear collection always seem couture to me.

15 May 2010

I'm back!

Today I came back from Kemerovo where we had a fashion show of Siberian (or to be more correct, Novosibirsk) best designers. Everything went really well and I would like to thank the organizer for the good level of the event and for the comfort they provided us with during the trip. But back to the show.
So there were 3 designers who showed their collections: Olga Buzytskaya, Daniil Antsiferov and Elena Maslenkina. Last two are young but very perspective Novosibirsk designers, I think you'll hear more about them soon.
To be honest I didn't have much time to take pictures as there were tons of stuff to do, but here are a few from backstage (I hope I'll get more later):
Models getting hair & make-up ready
Do you wanna see the conditions we had backstage? Check this out (to be clear: this is the car hangar as the event was held in a new Citroen auto-centre):
I mean it - no joke - our stuff was literally on the floor and, like, all over the place. That was probably the worst part of the whole event.

And here are models just with hair & make up and then all dressed up:

As for how everything went - as I have already said it, it was fine. The public might have been a bit too shy or something, we expected bigger reaction and more activity from the people that came. Anyways, I had fun, the wether was great, there were no delays and no drama - all very smooth, and that is always good on occasions like that.
So thanks everyone for your presence and hope to see you again :)

14 May 2010

Another fashion week

Tonight I'm leaving for another fashion week here in my region, this time it will be in Kemerovo. We are going to show Olga Buzytskaya's Fall 2010 collection "КЛУБника", I am excited, but there obviously is going to be tons of work tomorrow. So I'm going to get some rest now and then give you all the exclusives later when I'm back, so stay in touch :)

9 May 2010

Spring 2010: Best Runway Looks (Part 10: M)

Insanely beautiful gowns at Marchesa. Of course these are not daywear, but - my God! - how gorgeous are they!

Mark Fast
This designer is new to me and I must say I really like these super-sexy dresses, perfect for hot summer!

Mary Katrantzou
Psychedelic colors and interesting cuts really caught my eye here.

Matthew Williamson
Very yummy collection at Matthew Williamson, the colors and their combinations are very pretty, plus beautiful embellishments make a great fresh summer look.

Michael Kors
Good collection based on simple colors and clean lines, no ruffles and stuff - just sharp silhouettes. Most of all I like sequined dresses.

To be honest most of Missoni spring collection made me yuck... But I managed to find some quite nice looks. The rest of it was simple shocking for me - I mean, even my grandma looks more modern then those looks (as you understand I didn't put them here).

Miu Miu
Very beautiful dresses.

Moschino Cheap & Chic
Very pretty dresses, 1st and 2nd are my fave.

8 May 2010

Numéro May 2010

I don't really like Dree Hemingway as model, but this photoshoot by Solve Sundsbo called "Sang d'Encre" ("Blood Ink") is very beautiful and artistic.

5 May 2010

'MET Costume Institute Gala 2010

This Monday Metropolitan Museum held its annual Gala: the MET Costume Institute Gala. It took me a while but I want to share with you my choise of the best dressed ladies of the night.
These 8 ladies opted for golden/nude gowns and I must say that is nearly always a perfect choice for a big event.
So, here we have (from left to right): Alessandra Ambrosio in Versace, Gwen Stefani in L.A.M.B. (really respect her for wearing her own line to such a big fashion event!), Sarah Jessica Parker in Halston Heritage, Emma Watson in Burberry (very daring dress). Second picture: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Burberry, Anne Hathaway in Valentino (she's my favourite here), Jessica Szohr in Atelier Versace (one of the best looks of the night) and Donatella Versace in Atelier Versace (speaking of the gown and the hair she looks stunning, but let's leave talks about her face aside).

These elegant women have chosen shades of blue for the big night (from left to right): Maggie Grace, Blake Lively in Marchesa (she's shares my 1st place with Anne Hathaway), Amber Valletta in RM by Roland Mouret (exquisite) and Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad Couture (she is my 3rd fave of the night. Stunning).

Here are several more gowns of random colors (from left to right): Ivanka Trump in Atelier Versace (very beautiful lilac color, very gentle on her), Stella McCartney, Liv Tyler and Kate Hudson all in Stella McCartney (each has a beauty of her own) and Kate Bosworth in Valentino Couture.

3 May 2010

Numéro May 2010

Model Anja Rubik in photoshoot "Plein Soleil" by Camilla Akrans for Numéro May 2010.
I really enjoyed this editorial, I like the lightening and make-up. Hope you'll like it too.

2 May 2010


Today I have discovered Gwyneth Paltrow's website called GOOP and I just want to share my discovery with you.
To be honest, I've heard about this site long time ago, but I thought about it as something not serious and boring and just something that doesn't worth my attention. I am generally very sceptical about everything various starts do besides their jobs. But today for some reason I have decided to open it up and see what it is about anyway. And you know what? I was very much surprised just how interesting it was for me! There is information about cooking (and that is my huge passion), spending free time, staying healthy, styling (that was funny, but nice), psychology and some more. So if you're interested in any of this - go check this site yourself. I wouldn't recommend it to you if it was nonsense.

Spring 2010: Best Runway Looks (Part 9: L)

Beautiful collection full of drapery and shuttlecocks. Can't say that I liked a lot from this collection, but there are several really beautiful dresses.

Lela Rose
Nice casual feminine looks.

Louis Vuitton
To be honest, my first reaction when I saw these pictures was "WTF, is he kidding?!" I mean, seriously? What was Marc thinking when he made this collection? Just how stupid and blind his clients are or what? Especially those shoes... Ew! But then after looking at these pictures for about a thousand times I figured that you can actually wear some dresses and not look ridiculous. But shoes get a big NO-NO from me.

Louise Goldin
Gorgeous gentle looks, I fell in love with them.

Luca Luca
Nice & elegant daywear.

Fresh Flow Spring 2010

More pictures from the show.
This is our wonderful hostess Larisa (she's wearing pants by Olga Buzytskaya, and they are absolutely fabulous! They have the craziest detail on the back, not everyone can pull them off):

Designers, I am very sorry but there were 11 collections and I can't remember correctly which was made by who, so I'll just post all pictures together. If you want me to correct something and write down your name under a certain picture - that's no problem, just let me know.

Show by Садовская Татьяна:


Here are the judges:  
From left to right: Людмила Силютина, Ирина Марченко, Ольга Бузыцкая

And here I am watching the show: