5 Aug 2010

Bazar cheap market

This tuesday I went to a really interesting event called "Bazar cheap market". First my friend invited me about a couple weeks ago and then I was approached by one of the organizers to join the event with the designer I am working with - Olga Buzytskaya.
The event was organized as one of those London flea market sales you've probably heard about or been to. There was lots of stuff, many of it was pretty good and the prices were just unreally low. And from Olga's collections we also brought something up: dresses, cardigans, leotards and some accessorize. There also were other Novosibirsk designers: Daniil Antsiferov and Tatyana Sadovskaya - they both took part in the "Fresh Flow" contest this April (I wrote about it here) and Tatyana was actually one of the winners of that contest.
A lot of people came (which was quite surprising for me) and - as I could see it - they enjoyed the event and liked the idea of it.
I had a great time having fun with my friends and family whom I brought there. I was going to make a post about this event when I have some pictures on my hands, but as they are no where to be seen I am posting just my review now and pictures will come later I hope.

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