13 Nov 2009

Siberian Fashion Week

This past weekend Siberian Fashion week was held and I was there sitting front row watching the shows. I have a lot on my mind to share with you, guys.
First of all - the show was really good, better than the spring one. I saw several very interesting and promising designers (some young, some experienced). I'd like to show you the most interesting pieces I saw.
The night started by the fur show. I am not that crrrrrazy about furs, but this coat is quite elegant, the picture doesn't give it enough justice though:

Than I liked one piece by Leonid Alexeev, very sexy! And if you ad a pair of tight black pants you can wear it to the office:

I was charmed by Olga Buzytskaya show, it was very positive and made me smile all the time it lasted :) Unfortunatelly not all dresses were pictured properly so I have only these 3 (the blue coat is my favourite!):

And last but not least was Dasha Gauser, I loved her geometric, sculptured dresses:

Now a little but very important notice to all models who are reading my blog: ladies, if you were chosen to walk the runway at a less or more important fashion show, please shave everywhere. And also if you consider yourself a model, take time to work on your body - some muscles and body tone in general had never hurt anyone, you know.

Anyways, the show was fine and fun, and most of the people were nice and friendly and smiled (!), which is unlikely in that type of social circus. So I had a great night :)

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