12 Jul 2010


Yesterday I attended annual horse races "Diamond Horseshoe" - and Open Equestrian Sport Championship of Novosibirsk region held at Novosibirsk hippodrome.
What I really want to start with is that I was an awful weather for an outdoor activity, so it's nice that quite a lot people came nevertheless.
The event was organized quite well, the fourchette was delicious, especially various sweets by "La Maison" restaurant. It was quite an entertainment to watch all those people wearing all kinds of hats - some good, some nice and some simply ridiculous. To be clear - I didn't wear a hat myself (though I know that you are supposed to wear a hat to races), but as I am absolutely positive that you should wether do something perfectly or don't to it at all, I didn't compromise and decided not to wear a hat just because I had to. If I don't like something, I don't do it, and in this case it was the hat that I didn't like. So no hat for me, and it was fine :) Moreover, when I looked at some ladies at the event, I wished they had the same way of thinking as I do, if you understand what I'm talking about :)
So when the governor arrived the races begun. First, Ekaterina Boldureva and minister of agriculture gave their speech:

Then there was a demonstration of various kinds of horses:

These three were exclusively brought specially for the races, two of them are of andaluz kind and one another I unfortunately can't remember. I absolutely loved the black ones (though I am not a crazy horse fan):

Then there were several trials, one of them was on these funny little carriages:

We had to live early due to some circumstances that I couldn't foresee, but anyways I had a great time and enjoyed the show. 
However, I wished organizers payed more attention and gave more time and respect to horses, not simply people who came to party. This was a big serious event, and it just wasn't presented well enough in my opinion. If you dare to organize such an honorable event, you have no right to forget the initial reason why this event is being held - and this is about sport. You should pay full attention and salute those sportsmen and animals - this is the idea of the event. Not to simply have a chit-chat and a drink or two.

Anyways, here's my dress for the event and it is by Olga Buzytskaya:


  1. ух ты!!!клевый..плащ....или даже не наю как назвать!но тебе клёво!:))))))тож хочу....

  2. Спасибо большое, только сейчас увидела комментарий :)
    Вообще это платье от Ольги Бузыцкой, но все, кто его видел непременно называют его в лучшем случае плащом, а то и вовсе дождевиком)))