22 Sep 2009

Fashion show by Deon Balaganskiy

Yesterday night I went out to watch the fashion show by one of the young Siberian designers named Deon Balaganskiy.
It was centered around the bags that this young man makes. Well what can I say? Sadly it lacked the right organization of the show, and it was too obvious for me. I don't even want to imagine how that guy felt, because obviously things went wrong. And the other thing I've figured: if you want to present a collection of handbags you better organize a show-room at some store or a cute coctail party rather than a full show, because in the case that I suggest the object will be shown better and the result of the show will be better as well (because the whole point was to sell those bags after the show, but you know when the model moves around fast it's quite hard to see what she's holding especially if the bag is a clutch).
I'll try to get some pictures to upload them later.

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