16 Dec 2009

Fall 2009: Best Runway Looks (Part 17: R)

Ralph Lauren

Divine suits from Ralph Lauren

Flawless dresses, exquisite!


Interesting dresses, this designer is new to me, but I'll keep an eye on him.

Richard Nicoll

What an interesing mix of daywear and lingerie, don't you think? This whole collection was full of clothes with lingerie elements. Sometimes it was a bit odd, but some looks (like the above) are quite nice.

Roberto Cavalli

This was a dark and rock collection by Roberto Cavalli. I don't like too much black and I don't fully get the idea of layered multiple skirts, but I think it was interesting.

Roland Mouret

When I watched the show I've found a lot more interesting dresses by RM than everyone is wearing. My most favourite is the pale violet (3rd one), in so gorgeous.

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