18 Dec 2009

Fall 2009: Best Runway Looks (Part 19: T)

Temperley London

I've sensed East in this collection by  Alice Temperley - several looks reminded me of an origami maybe or something form India (like harem pants). I am not a big fan of it though, so I've chosen these quite neutral looks. They have a bit agressive shapes and I like it - that clothes give you a certain mood as you put it on.


I am so pleased to see how good asian designers are at making dresses! Both day and evening wear - they cut them so accurate - they always fit right and hug you in the right places. Thakoon is one of the youngest, but he has a great potential and I am looking forward for more of his creations.


This brand is new to me and what I like about it is its freshness and youth, the simplicity they make their clothes with - you don't need to over think about how to wear this dress or that jacket - you just put it on and go and feel comfortable.

Tommy Hilfiger

For me Tommy Hilfiger is a truly american brand, it is some sort of synonims for me - Tommy and the States. I like what hi is doing - it is a clothes of a very good quality and great fabrics.

Tory Burch

I am falling in love with Tory more and more. She has this certain something in her style that just clicks with mine. About these looks: I really like the 1st dress, I think the print is great; I love the fur vest in the 2nd look and how it is paired with the skirt; I like the interesting detail of the 3rd dress - this block on the front of the dress that usually is at the back of the coats; I like the color and the shape of the 4th dress + those little gloves look good here (you know there always is a problem with these little gloves - they can look tacky so easily, but here they fit very good); and the 5th dress is a gorgeous gown for the night.


This collection was different from many others - it didn't follow the main trends that much, but still it was interesting to watch. About the looks: I think that everyone should have a classic black jacket they can wear everywhere, but then - when you have one - it is good to have an interesting, not that simple one (like the 1st one here); I like the combination of the knitted cardigan and a fur wrap on the 2nd look; 3rd dress has an interesting eye-catching print; 4th is very girlish and good for a party; and 5th has this amazing rosette detail on the bodice which I simply adore.

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