3 Mar 2010

Spring 2010: Best Runway Looks (Part 1: A & numbers)

It is officially spring now, and though the wether might not be on a spring mood, we should be - and picking up some new looks for the new season is just the right thing to do to put us in this mood.
So I'm giving you the best runway looks you can be inspired for this season.

3.1 Phillip Lim
Nice dresses, all very relaxed.

Great looks for a hot summer day and a hot summer night ;)

Perfectly tailored clothes, very sexy office wear I would say.

Alberta Ferretti
Very feminine, fairy-tale looks, very light and flawless. Be aware - this color pallet might make you look quite pale.

Alexander McQueen

The genius of Alexander McQueen will live forever in his creations. Don't really want to discuss this, just look at these amazing clothes...

Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang's girl is some sort of a rebel - she's strong and she doesn't obey the rules of society - she makes her own rules. That makes his girl look even stronger and sexier and that is what I like in his looks.

Andrew Gn
I like each and every look here - they are very different but each of them is stylish and elegant.

Anna Sui
Tired of the moody atmosphere on so many runways? Go to Anna Sui, she'll always give you a portion of smiles and happiness, I've checked ;) Anna makes these amazing playful clothes and when you put it on you feel younger, you feel more energetic, you literally feel happier - it is so great :)

Antonio Berardi
Elegant and chic clothes, but this idea of displaying your underwear still bewilders me...

Nice volants - clothes look light and feminine without making you look like a cake.

Very nice girly dresses, sexy and playful - perfect for summer.

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