26 Feb 2010

Resort 2010 (Part 12: S & T & V & Y & Z)

Stella McCartney

I love Stella because she created beautiful girly clothes, full of happiness and joy. She makes a girl look sexy and beautiful without giving her extra age or making her look tacky. Thank you, Stella!

Quite a new brand for me with nice clothes for spring and summer.

Vera Wang
I like sequins, but they rarely look appropriate on clothes. Here at Vera Wang we have some feminine sparkling looks, and they look really good - everything is in the right place and sequins are in the right amount. Very nice.

LOVE this collection! I feel 60s here and I like that time, and I really like the way Donatella translated in into the modern clothes.

Victor & Rolf
Good looks for a young business lady, who wants to look business still looking feminine.

Yigal Azrouël
For some reason several designers this Resort season turned their heads towards turbans. Can't say that I am super excited with this idea - it's a difficult accessorize to pull it off apart from the runway. But sill it's an interesting detail, if you dare to wear it. Cosy looks here.

Yves Saint Laurent
Again some business looks with a hint of elegance. More mature if you compare them to Victor & Rolf's, for example.

Zac Posen
Another trio of nice looks for day wear by Zac Posen. 

So this is it about the Resort 2010 season, guys! 
Look forward to see the best looks for Spring/Summer 2010, they are coming really soon :)

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