9 Oct 2009

"Coco Avant Chanel" screening

Today I was at the premier of "Coco Avant Chanel" movie. Oh well, I can talk and talk about how great Coco Chanel was, because for me it is hard to fulfill everything I feel for her in one word, she was a woman of many talents. So let's skip the part of me giving endless compliments to mademoiselle Chanel and get straight to the movie.
It was interesting. Not that it was something beyond, but it was curious to see a version of Chanel's past. The sad part was that as long as Coco had such an extrordinary life full of people, events and achievements it is hard to put it all in a movie that lasts for a about 1,5 hour. So it seemed to me that some things were a little rushed in the movie, some skipped, but hey - if you want to avoid that you'll have to make like 25 movies or more about her. I would watch all of them though ;)
Anyways, my most favoured part was the end. When you watch the movie, I guess you'll know why. I won't tell you know, not to take the best from you :)

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