7 Oct 2009

Fall 2009: Best Runway Looks (Part 4: D)

Derek Lam

I like the 1st look best here.
2nd dress is very elegant and sophisticated.
3rd one is a party one, maybe for New Years or something.

Diane von Furstenberg

What I love about Diane is that she's totally on her own about her designs - she doesn't follow the main flow and does what she's best at - amazing feminine clothes, still very up-to-date, very casual.
This show was very cosy.


I have a little thing for good coats, you know :) This is why we have this beautiful red coat here.
And we also have another three elegant looks: nice dresses and suits.

Dolce & Gabbana

Well this are hardly a day-wear clothes, but aren't these looks fabulous? :) Dresses are amazing. You know if you have a dress like this you HAVE to find an occasion to wear it :)

Donna Karan

Chic. All I can say.


And this is a big difference from the previous picture :) Love Dsquared team and the kick-ass looks they make :)

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