13 Oct 2009

Fall 2009: Best Runway Looks (Part 7: G)

It's funny that most of designers who's name starts on "g" made mostly black, dark collection for this fall. I'll be honest: that made me sick, I don't like that much of black. So it was hard for me to pick something, but I managed to choose several looks.

Giambattista Valli

First look here is my most fav of the whole collection. The dress is also cute, very gentle. However, the collection in general was too difficult for me to implement it in life, so sadly I could pick only these two looks. I expected more.


Love Givenchy. Riccardo Tisci makes clothes that is as sexy as hell,I mean it. Often you'll look at it and think 'How on Earth am I supposed to wear this?' But you know what?When you meet your Givenchy dress, you won't have this question.


99% black collection, really? Come on, Frida, you can't be serious! This is GUCCI!
I was sincerely hoping for a little color (dark blue/red/violet/eggplant dont' count) and I got none. Sad.
But these looks are nice.

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