18 Oct 2009

"Water on the lens" photography exibition in London

These pictures are fantastically beautiful, I was speechless when I first saw them. It's hard to belive, but this is NOT photoshop or any trick, it was really shot that way. OMG.
I am amused.
The discription for each picture is below the picture.

"Imagine" Total Hydration body wash TV commercial 21 July 2006
A recreated Parisian apartment becomes a watery, hydrated version of real life and the model "floats away" at the end of the advert.

Keira Knightley photographic campaign for Fresh 2O 3 December 2005.
The photographer Candice shot Keira Knightley submerged in haute couture dresses and jewellery for a photoshoot to promote water charity Fresh 2O.

Olay's Spa Exfoliating Ribbons TV commercial 28 June 2007

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