19 Jan 2010

Resort 2010 (Part 1: A)

There could be no best time to go on a little vacation then in mid-January or in February - just to escape the crazy cold of the two remaining winter months and make spring come a little bit faster. Specially for this designers from all over the world created for us Resort collections - so that we could easily pick up the necessities we might need for sunbathing or sitting in the cafe in Alpes drinking hot chocolate (you can find something for that too).
But even if you are too busy and can't go on a vacation right now (which is totally understandable - new year, so many new and urgent things to do), you can still look at the beautiful clothes and looks I am about to show you and start dreaming about Spring. And who can say no to our sweet little dreams? :)
So I am happily giving you the best looks for you winter break or a good food for thought about Spring :)

3.1 Phillip Lim

I like the shapes of the skirts, the fabrics, the colors and the lightness all the looks have. Perfect for spring.


I like the embellishments on the tops + the necklace and the sporty vibe from the clothes is nice. My favorite look here is the last - the one with the long yellow skirt.


LOVE the suits! Those sleeves are so yummy :) The first look is perfect for a hot day in the office, love it. The dress is very nice, I am curious about the print, it must look like fire when in motion.

Alberta Ferretti

This collection is more for those of us who had to stay in the city and work - nice comfortable looks for office (1,2) or a cocktail with friends in the evening (3,5). The 4th dress is divine, someone should wear it to the red carpet!

Alexander McQueen

I really like the colors here, especially I like the 2nd look - blue&white dress and blue boots - stunning! Geometric cuts and printed leggings are interesting and risky to wear, would you dare? :)

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang's girl is not cool - she's super cool. Sometimes it even looks as if she doesn't give a sh*t on what people might think about her look. At all. Well most of the time I can't blame her - his clothes is good and gives you a big choice. These 6 looks were the best for me.

Antonio Berardi

From Antonio's collection I liked the sculptured black dresses, the 1st look is just perfect (love the leather jacket!), and the various sets of short dresses (love the shape, how it hugs around the hips) with scarves (for me scarves here are pretty optional, I think dresses will look fine without them too).

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