29 Jan 2010

Resort 2010 (Part 3: C)

Calvin Klein
Very light, flawless collection. Very clean, I would say. I like the fabrics, I feel hot summer from these looks.

Chado Ralph Rucci
This brand is new to me. Such a great cute dresses! Love the volume of the skirts in 1st and 3rd dresses and like all the colors here.


This collection was shown in Venice and was called "Coco on the Lido" (Mademoiselle Chanel used to visit Venice for nearly 10 years starting in 1919). We see the classic for Chanel sailor theme here, a perfect suit and several gorgeous evening dresses. The hair & make-up might be a little too extravagant and a bit distracting, but all together they form a complete look, very thirties. Love it.

We see some sailor theme here at Chloé too - I think it is a universal thing any designer can use in his cruise collection. About the 2nd look with the jumpsuit - can't explain why, but I like it :) And I love the 3rd dress - though it might be a jumpsuit as well (the pants are so wide I can hardly tell if they are pants or skirt), that would be even more interesting.

Christian Dior
Classic Dior looks + crazy hair = funny, but classy and elegant :)

Collette Dinnigan
Mmm, a burst of color :) Nice shapes and fabrics + interesting details.

Costume National
Well this is purely a daywear - nearly anywhere and everywhere you can dressed up like this.

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