28 Jan 2010

Chanel & Givenchy Haute Couture Spring 2010

Couture week is in a full swing right now and on Tuesday we had gorgeous shows by Chanel and Givenchy. Oh my goodness! A-MA-ZING!
You know, Karl Lagerfeld once told Valentino: "Compared to us, everyone is making rugs" and - most of the time - he is right (not always of course). But he indeed is very talented and has an amazing sence of time and what will be good now. Somehow Karl manages to create this "new classic" as I call it. And it really is new, fresh but still classic look. Marvelous.

At Givenchy Riccardo Tisci stayed true to his dark and gothical mood and created woman who looked like a dark princess. "I was scared of couture at the beginning, and reacted by staying away from looking at the past at all," he confessed before the show. "But now I'm more confident, I started looking into the archive, and found the idea of this strong, erotic phase of Parisian women I related to."
I loved it, in motion it is magical. But a bit dark and sexy magic, you know.

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