26 Jan 2010

Haute Couture Spring 2010

Yesterday the week of Haute Couture shows started in Paris. And in started with the Christian Dior show by John Galliano. What can I say? Outstanding, as always. A bit complicated, but wonderful.
The inspiration for John was Charles James' gowns: "I was reading that, actually, it was Charles James who influenced Monsieur Dior to come up with the New Look," he said. "And then I was looking at a photo of Charles James doing a fitting—and on the wall behind him was a picture of women riding sidesaddle. And that was it!"
So obviously the collection is full of "riding" ensembles (of course, noone in the right mind will ever ride a horse in a Dior couture gown nowadays. Or maybe...) and monumental evening gows.
I've picked the most interesting for you, take a look:

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