14 Feb 2010

Resort 2010 (Part 6: G)

Giambatista Valli

I love Giambattista, he makes one of the most beautiful dresses, as you can see here.

Usually I don't have any emotions about real people modeling for the fashion houses, not the models. But then again, most of the time I prefer it to be a model, not someone "real". Like here - Pixie Geldof might be good in something else, but modeling... Or maybe I just don't get the idea, I can presume that.

Giorgio Armani
Very feminine and elegant clothes, for a very sophisticated ladies.

I picked these looks because this is what I consider to be appropriate for resort/spring. Knowing that Givenchy currently has a quite moody style, these were the best for me.


Super-sexy and cool looks at Gucci. Reeeeeeally like them!

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  1. wow great ! i love gucci en giles the most ! there collections are beautiful!