16 Feb 2010

Vogue Russia February 2010

I was passing by press stores for a couple of days and hesitating to buy this issue of Russian Vogue. Today I bought it. I gotta say I immidiately got a feeling it is going to be a lame issue. Moreover, I was thinking - am I the only one who is bothered with the fact that last year's February issue of Russian Vogue was also dedicated to US?
And guess what? I open it up and see the content is literally the same as a year ago: they talk about jeans, fringe, Michele Obama, leather, american designers and all the other stuff they wrote a year ago about. I mean, are you serious??? Who do you think your readers are - a bunch of dumb teenage girls who can go on forever about how much the love America?
Well I have a bad news for you, Aliona Doletskaya - they're not. As I am one of your readers (at least at this very moment - can't tell you about the future) I demand respect to myself from the magazine that is considered to be one of the most powerful in the industry. And that includes not writting about something so stupid as "jeans are forever" twice. I know that, thank you.
What is even more hideous is that they try to serve it as if it is so cool - like "yeah, we wrote about that last year, but c'mon - we have to write about this again 'cause SO much happened in the USA!"
Are you for real? For your information, you live in Russia, the greatest country in this whole world, the most powerful one, the most talented one, the most perspective one - and you tell me I have to give my applause to the States - the country that is the embodyment of the whole egoism in the world?
No, thank you. I am too proud of my own country, of my heritage, of my home country designers and musicians and politicians (yes, there are some we can be proud of) - that I don't feel any need to read your stupid tribute to America one more time.

That said, I wish you, the editorial of Vogue Russia, huge inspiration from your own country and open-mind vision of the world around you.


Alena Travkova

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