13 Apr 2010

Siberian Fashion Week 2010

So, the big intrigue I kept for the last days was the Siberian Fashion Week, where I was participating in the most direct way. I was involved in organizing fashion show for Olga Buzytskaya's Fall 2010 collection.
The collection is stunning! It is called "КЛУБника" in russian witch equals "CLUBnika" (the fun way of writing "strawberry") in english. Whole collection was based on the red color: from skirts and pants to dresses and coats. There were several splits of golden - fox fur - as champagne for the strawberry :) I absolutely love this collection, it has a lot of pieces I'd love to add to my wardrobe - I'll tell you which as I'll show you the pictures from the runway later on.
Right now I have the most exclusive backstage pictures witch I took myself as we were preparing for the show. Some of them are from my phone, so sorry for the low quality!
Here we go!
This is our showroom displayed before the show started:

Girls backstage getting hair & make-up done:

Girls dressed up:
Tanya and Nastya with Olga:

And a bonus pics from Tony Ward backstage, sending his models to the runway!
And this is Tony himself on the right side of the photo:

Everything went well and as I have been hearing the reaction from the guests today, our show was the best and most interesting! :)

One more thing: GIRLS MODELS! If somehow you are reading my blog or see these pictures I just want you to know that all of you did an amazing job yesterday and you all were me most beautiful and live models of the night! I am proud of you, thank you! :)

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