2 May 2010


Today I have discovered Gwyneth Paltrow's website called GOOP and I just want to share my discovery with you.
To be honest, I've heard about this site long time ago, but I thought about it as something not serious and boring and just something that doesn't worth my attention. I am generally very sceptical about everything various starts do besides their jobs. But today for some reason I have decided to open it up and see what it is about anyway. And you know what? I was very much surprised just how interesting it was for me! There is information about cooking (and that is my huge passion), spending free time, staying healthy, styling (that was funny, but nice), psychology and some more. So if you're interested in any of this - go check this site yourself. I wouldn't recommend it to you if it was nonsense.

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  1. Очень люблю Гвинет, замечательный сайт!