16 May 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier on Kazanskiy railway station

As I've been out of the town since Friday night until Saturday evening and had no time to watch TV, I have missed the huge fashion event that took place in Moscow - Mr. Jean Paul Gaultier showed his couture collection on Kazanskiy railway station! When I first heard about it I was like "Are you kidding?!" and then I couldn't speak for a couple seconds when I saw video and photos from the event.
Regardless how Jean Paul ended up showing his couture collection on Moscow's ailway station, it is a huge deal for our country's fashion industry. I wish I was there to witness this incredible show!
Anyways, here are just a few pictures from the press conference and the show:
Who knew Kazanskiy was so beautiful? :)

What is so spectacular is that Mr. Gaultier has collected his creations from 5 past years for this show, and all together they sort of represented different stories and eras:
He is a true couture designer, even his ready-to-wear collection always seem couture to me.

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