19 May 2010

By the way

I have totally forgot to share my thought on Vogue Russia May 2010, so here they are now.
I don't know if Aliona Doletskaya reads my blog (world is full of surprises, you know) or someone else from Conde Nast does, or maybe I was not the only one who was pissed off by "God-save-Amreica" February issue, but exactly 3 months after my open letter to Ms. Doletskaya (read here: http://alena-fashion.blogspot.com/2010/02/vogue-russia-february-2010.html) I buy Vogue Russia again and what I see? An issue based on Russian designers, artists, models, buyers, even pharmaceuticals! Isn't this marvelous? I guess it wasn't that hard to make a good issue about your home country, to promote your home country designers and to help our struggling fashion business to make to the next step. 
Thank you, you almost made me cry! No joke.

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