1 May 2010

Fresh Flow Spring 2010

Fresh Flow is a fashion event held in my city - it gives young designers the opportunity to show their collections to public and in some cases these are their very first shows. Yesterday I helped organizing this event and everything went well. We had a great audience, so many people came - thank you everyone, that was amazing!
Designers did their best and made the best shows possible. Two of them - Садовская Татьяна and Масленкина Елена were announced as winners and they will show their collections at the Siberian Fashion Week this fall. This is such an opportunity and it was definitely the right choice!
I have several pics from the show now, more will come later.

The beginning of the show:

Show by "ТО МАИКЮЮТ":

Show by Садовская Татьяна:

There was an awesome crowd that attended the show - I don't know if that was a flash mob or those people just have a huge sense of humor and also a huge confidence, but there were: Lady Gaga, Верка Сердючка (that is an artist from Ukraine with a very special style), Alla Pugacheva, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Valerii Leontiev and many more. Guys, you were very much fun :)

And the last one I've got so far is from show by Кондратьева Соня &Булыкина Даша:
Girls, one advise: you will do great if you put a big impact on menswear. Your looks were very good and as long as there are plenty of womenswear and nearly none of acceptable menswear you should put stress on the latter.

So this is it so far, but I am hoping for more pictures soon.

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