2 May 2010

Spring 2010: Best Runway Looks (Part 9: L)

Beautiful collection full of drapery and shuttlecocks. Can't say that I liked a lot from this collection, but there are several really beautiful dresses.

Lela Rose
Nice casual feminine looks.

Louis Vuitton
To be honest, my first reaction when I saw these pictures was "WTF, is he kidding?!" I mean, seriously? What was Marc thinking when he made this collection? Just how stupid and blind his clients are or what? Especially those shoes... Ew! But then after looking at these pictures for about a thousand times I figured that you can actually wear some dresses and not look ridiculous. But shoes get a big NO-NO from me.

Louise Goldin
Gorgeous gentle looks, I fell in love with them.

Luca Luca
Nice & elegant daywear.

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