18 Jun 2010

Did I mention I love cooking?

I do, and it is my one great passion. I enjoy the process and of course the result. I love experimenting and finding new recipes and trying new flavors and combinations of products. In fact, this passion of mine has gone a little too far once and costed me a little more than one could expect from a hobby, but that's a completely different story ;)
So yesterday I made a fabulous zebra-chocolate cake, and it was yumm-yumm-yummy :) Take a look at the last piece:

And today, despite being totally exhausted after a week at work and a good evening walk I cooked a fantastic salad with chicken and cucumbers (I tried this particular recipe for the 1st time) and what made this salad so special was the dressing made with lime, mint, salt, pepper, sugar, chili, soy sauce and olive oil - sounds crazy, but so tasty!
If some of you need a recipe, let me know :)

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