17 Jun 2010

My beauty picks

I have been sharing my choice of beauty products in my group PURE at the vkontakte.ru for a while now, and I've decided to take it here as well as it might be interesting and helpful for you too. So here we go :)
Among my latest beauty pics would be:
Guerlain meteorites blush
It was love at first sight, or at first touch to be correct :) They are light and very easy to apply, and have an amazingly beautiful shade (I have them in Pink Fresh, they suit me best).

Babor PURE day cream
Babor makes very good cosmetics for all types of skin and age categories. My pick for summer was this PURE day cream, it has light texture and absorbs easily and gives the skin just the right amount of moisturizing for the hot summer days.

D&G Rose The One
Terrific scent! I have to say I haven't been so impressed by a scent for a very long time - since I first smelled Dior Pure Poison (and it completely stole my heart for several years, I still love it).

Chanel Aqualumiere gloss
Very nice lip gloss with comfortable texture and no blunt smell or taste (this is important to me, I don't really like very smelly lip glosses/lipsticks). I have it in BonBon shade and I love it.

Chanel Inimitable Mascara
Okay, and this is my long time love :) This mascara is perfect for daytime - not too thick, but covers the lashes evenly and leaves them looking quite natural. Plus a big bonus for me personally - a rubber brush, I absolutely don't like standard not rubber brushes, I can't help it.


  1. мммм...метеориты!нереальная штука!+1))))

  2. Да, они чудесные :)