11 Jun 2010

I need a bat

Today my morning started with a big desire to take a baseball bat and crash a car (or maybe two) that was passing by me while I was on my way to work. Nice beginning, huh?
It didn't get much better later on. Don't want to discuss this now and here, but trust me, when I got home about an hour ago, I felt like it was the best thing that happened to me today.
... But that feeling I got when I saw a car passing by me and imagined crashing and smashing it - oh my, that was so good... It would've been better if I actually did it, but I am a good girl so I thought that some stranger doesn't deserve to get his car crashed in the early morning just for nothing. I wish somebody would've just come to me, gave me the bat and showed me a car (a good, new, all shiny one) that I could smash into zillion pieces. Never happened.

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