1 Jun 2010

Krasnoyarsk review

On sunday night I came back from my trip to Krasnoyarsk for their fashion week (or night, to be correct). I gotta say - I had a lot on my mind.
To begin with, Krasnoyarsk is a nice town with beautiful mountains and we were lucky enough to live in a spa-hotel right beside them, so that we could enjoy a spectacular view just from our window (not that there was much time to enjoy the view tough). But aside of the mountains the good things about our trip come to an end.
Everything was organized very badly. I'm not going to discuss all details here because that would be very unprofessional on my side, I'll just say that my expectations were not satisfied in many ways.
I' don't even want to post any pictures from that trip and there's no point.

Happy 1st day of summer by the way! :)

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