13 Jun 2010


Yesterday night I went to see the "Sex and the City p.2" movie. It was a lot of fun :)
I think that the point of watching such movies is to cheer up a bit if you need to or just to have fun and laugh, which I did with pleasure. I take this movie as a beautiful picture with a hint of satire or parody of real life. I mean - it was a pleasure to look at beautiful grown-up women in gorgeous clothes and stunning nature, and as a nice bonus I had fun laughing at the silly situations the movie was about. But there were several topics that were sort of deep and serious too - so that the movie doesn't end up as an average american teenage comedy.
Anyways, I had fun and enjoyed it, and I would probably even watch it once again sometime - just for the clothes ;) If you are thinking about seeing this movie - I'd say go, but just don't take it too serious :)

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